Low Impact vs. High Impact Cardio

Just as all cardiovascular exercises are not created equal results wise, they are also not the same when it comes to impact on your joints.

A great example of this type of cardio is running. When you run, it is beneficial in that it engages the most amount of muscle fibers for the movement. However, you perform it by elevating your feet off the ground and then throwing your entire bodyweight forward. You then must catch yourself on your other foot and so forth. This puts a large amount of impact and collision-pressure on your knee joints.

This type of cardio puts much less impact and pressure on your joints. An elliptical is a great example of this. Although you are performing a motion that is very similar to running, you are not elevating your feet off the platforms. This greatly reduces that collision-pressure effect.

A great change to your running routine would be to switch to running on grass, which will absorb some of the impact.

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