Lifting Weights To Lose Weight!


Yes ladies this one is for you! Lifting weights does in turn make you lose weight. A lot of women think lifting weights will make them big and bulky but few of them know this isn’t true! You know those bat wings you hate? Or that cellulite on your legs you just can’t stand? Lifting weights can get rid of that!

Lifting Weights To Lose Weight

Losing weight means you need to increase your rate of metabolism. Lifting weights increases your body’s rate of metabolism long after activity is complete. Weight lifting increases and helps with the development of your muscles. Building muscle is an important factor in raising your metabolism. As for every pound of muscle you can burn up to 50 calories per day and for every pound of fat you burn 1-3 calories. Being as weight lifting burns fat and builds muscle it has a dual benefit in weight loss programs. Weight lifting is also very important because it can increase endurance and prepare you for any daily activities you have around the house.

Fat Burning…

In order to efficiently burn fat and build muscle you must lift weights on average 3 times per week. Paying attention to your diet is also the key in weight loss but that is something we will get into another time. It is also important that you do not exclusively lift weights, cardiovascular training is very important as well when it comes to shedding body fat.

How To Lose Weight Doing A Weight Lifting Workout

Always remember to increase your weights and do not let your muscles get used to what you are doing. Once your body gets adjusted to a pair of weights you must change them. Change creates change, remember that. Your last rep should be completed with difficulty.

Chose a variety of rep ranges that target different parts of the body for weight loss. Make sure you are not constantly working the same muscle groups rather rotate muscle groups for optimal results. A warm up and cool down are very important. Make sure you are giving yourself at least 1 to 2 days per week rest to allow your body to repair itself. Lifting the weights slowly and properly are very important for results as well as keeping away from injury.

Understanding how much of a positive effect weight lifting can have on your life will change the way you live and feel.

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