Late Night Carbs

If you are reading this post this late at night, and you have any carbohydrates in your mouth, guess where they’re going to be stored now?

Late Night Carbohydrate Consumption
The reason this topic is so important is because it is often misunderstood. Many people believe carbohydrates make you fat. THIS IS 100% WRONG. However, there are certain times in the day when you should have more carbs than others. For example, when you wake up in the morning your body has just fasted for the last 6-9 hours. Your muscles are depleted of glycogen, which is the most broken down version of a carbohydrate. For this reason, you must replenish your body and have those carbohydrates. Also, those carbs will be used throughout the day.

However, eating carbs at night has the opposite effect. Eating carbs late, will not produce the same effect. Your body’s resting metabolism has slowed and you do not need energy as you did throughout the day. Carbs that you eat will be more prone to getting stored as fat as opposed to being used. The general rule of thumb is too cut out all carbs besides your vegetables after 6pm.

Cut out that late night pasta and see wonders in your body!

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