IT’S BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE! What are you doing?!

Matawan! Old Bridge! East Brunswick! North Brunswick! New Brunswick! Tinton Falls, Ocean, and Eatontown!

Today we have beautiful NJ weather and it’s PERFECT to take your workout outside. Don’t stay cooped up inside the walls of a gym. Get out and train! Performing cardiovascular training in this weather is perfect not only temperature wise but for getting some color as well!

However, let’s also talk about low impact and high impact cardio. High impact cardio such as running is rough on your knees and the ligaments. High impact cardio, although good for weight loss can cause you problems later in life in your joints. Low impact cardio can burn many calories as well but it will be much easier on the joints. Examples of this include walking up steep hills and STAIR-CLIMBING! A slow jog up and down stairs in your neighborhood will burn a tremendous amount of calories and will burn fat off of you like crazy.

Want to take it up a notch? Start taking two stairs at a time and taking long strides up steep hills. Our in home personal training staff use this in order to force your body to engage more muscle fibers. Gravity trainers also use these methods to help you from burning protein that is stored in your muscles for energy. Of course, if you must, throw in some light jogging as well.

Get out and exercise New Jersey! Days like this aren’t around all year.

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