Improve Your Fitness By Using A HIIT Training Workout


HIIT training style is an extremely popular form of fitness. Workouts are constantly varied, and focus on high intensity, functional-style movements. Training sessions can include body weight exercises, sprinting, rowing, weight lifting, rope climbing, object carries, and more.

If you’re looking to burn a few extra calories and improve your fitness level, try making your own HIIT style workouts by picking an exercise from each of these categories and performing them with limited rest.

Weight Lifting – Deadlifts x 15, Squats x 20, Clean and Press x 15, Overhead Squats x 15, Hang Cleans x 20, Push Press x 20, Front Squats x 12

Body Weight Exercises – Push Ups x 25, Pull ups x 15, Bodyweight Squats x 50, Burpees x 25, Walking Lunges x 25
Endurance – 50m Sprint, Jumping Rope x 200, 25m Bear Crawl, 500m Run, Row 500m
Etc – Muscle Ups x 10, Box Jumps x 10, Sandbag – Ground to Overhead Press x 15, Kettle Swings x 25, Prowler Push 50m

Perform a random number of rounds of these movements, from 4 -8 total.

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