We all know that it is important to stay hydrated. It’s almost a given nowadays. However, do you know what one of the biggest signs of being dehydrated is?

Dry Lips!

One of the symptoms of your body not being properly hydrated is a prolonged lip dryness. in other words, your lips stay dry for several days. They feel tight and no amount of Vaseline helps! Our in home personal training staff highly advocates water consumption, ESPECIALLY during the summer. A good measure is about 4 of the 16.9 water bottles a day. This is the same measure as drinking about half of a gallon in a day. When you sweat, it is only your body perspiring so as to cool your body down. Much like you shiver to generate body heat.

Staying hydrated will also help with fat loss. Probably the biggest factor to putting on muscle and losing bodyfat is having a body that is functioning correctly. Our bodies are made up to 60% of water. So, FUEL IT! Supply your body with that which keeps it running; not soda.

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