Sick!!! Body Transformation Challenge | How to become a fitness model

I have a very simple yet effective challenge for you. Some of you may not be impressed, but a few of you will understand the concept I will present momentarily and will benefit drastically.

In this video I demonstrate my transformation from a fat nonathletic teenager to a personal trainer and fitness model. Today I love working out, and exercising serves as a form of great stress relief and positive energy release for me. There is nothing like it, and there is no better way to transform your body than through weight training.

The key’s to my success had nothing to do with a good hand that I was dealt. My original physique even after losing a bunch of body fat was very lanky and flat. Above all, the key to my success was repeating the process 5-6x a week every week. No matter what came up I would find a way to get into the gym and get a workout in.

People think that I am always motivated and pumped to go to the gym and workout. After 10 years of weight training and working out 5-6 days a week I can tell you first hand that it’s not always fun. You’re not always going to be pumped to get to the gym, up your weight, or push yourself to the next level. Also, results aren’t going to just happen overnight no matter how hard you work. I worked my ass off and it took me a long time to start seeing major results. Every rep and set is on step closer to a minor result. All the minor results add up to create a major change. You just have to stay disciplined when you don’t feel like going.

So if you’re trying to learn how to become a fitness model. My #1 tip I can give away today is be consistent and disciplined. Consistency and discipline will beat any bad odds your up against. When I started doing Brazilian jui-jitsu, I asked my instructor, “how do I get better?” He answered, “just show up.”

If you want results then “just show up.” It sounds simple and of course you will need to learn a lot, but you’ll be doing that just showing up. People that believe in false promises buy fancy equipment, diet pills, and one dvd after another and then they never even “show up”.

I have a body transformation challenge for you, so pay attention if you want to learn how to become a fitness model. Your body transformation challenge is to “just show up.” Not for a week or a couple months and then quit. This body transformation challenge is not as easy as the ones that are 21 days long. I need you to “just show up” for years. That’s what I did, and anyone else that got real results worked on themselves for years as well.

Start, Don’t Give Up, Stay Disciplined, Consistently Work Hard