How Many Times Have You Heard This??

You can’t build abs doing ab exercises! So as a result of hearing this…you go do abdominal exercises to get showing abs. Does that make sense?

Infomercials will release the ab-rocker, the bean, the red, the new twisting ab machine, live abs, etc. Today our personal trainers are re-revealing the TRUTH with having 6 pack abs.

And the solution is…

Imagine this…you max out the ab machines in your local gym. You do ab exercises every other day; or every day. And you still don’t see them. The reason for this is because there is adipose tissue(fat) that is covering those abdominal muscles. It’s the same reasoning as to why you may not see your bicep muscles due to higher fat percentage. And no, doing bicep curls WILL NOT cause the biceps to become so enormously large that they will protrude the fat tissue. Same goes for your abs.

The reason abs are so in tune with weight loss today is because most of us store bodyfat in our midsection FIRST and LAST! Having abs shows that you take care of yourself, which is great! Take this tip and use it! Don’t spend time doing crunches and new ab workouts to see your abs. WEIGHT LOSS is the key here to your personal training program.

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