How Many Calories will Turkey Day Cost You?


Take notice of the calorie count of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes and choose wisely in order to avoid holiday weight gain. The average American can gain 5-10 pounds from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

The average Thanksgiving Meal can cost you up to 2000 calories:

– Mash Potato (1 Cup) 238 Calories
– Stuffing (1 Cup) 363 Calories
– Turkey (6oz) 340 Calories
– Gravy (1/2cup) 150 Calories
– 1 Roll 150 Calories
– Green Been Casserole (1/2 Cup) 150 Calories
– Cranberry Sause (1/2 Cup) 190 Calories
– Pumpkin Pie 180 Calories
Total : 1761
Note: Add in a few glasses of wine or beer and this calorie count will easily take you over 2000.

To avoid overload & cut calories:

– Do not overdue portion sizes
– Do not go back for seconds
– Avoid butter and creamy sauce dishes
– Drink water to stay hydrated
– Avoid bread
– Go for a walk after dinner
– Play an active Wii Game with the family

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