How Flexibility Can Help You

Many of you train and train, push your weights, do your cardio; however, have no flexibility program. Although a flexibility program does not necessarily equate to fat loss, it is still a key ingredient in the process. Let’s talk more…

Having a proper flexibility program at the end of your training can do a few things for you:

1. It will help alleviate lactic acid buildup in the muscles because of your weight training routine.

2. Over the course of time, you will be able to stretch through a larger range of motion. What this means is that those muscles will be capable of intaking more blood. We all know that muscular gains come from increased blood flow.

3. It will also accustom your muscles to larger ranges of motion. Aside from the blood flow advantage, it will also decrease your risk of injury. There is nothing we can do in order to prevent injury. However, ever precaution should be taken in order to do the best job possible.

4. It will also relieve much stiffness, which usually turns into decreased performance, comfort and sometimes pain.

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