How Fit Are Your Muscles?

1. One key component as to why people exercise is health. This time, let’s talk about muscular health. When a muscle is healthy and fit, it will draw more oxygen from the blood. There is a protein in your muscles known as myoglobin, which stores that oxygen. When your muscles become better conditioned, they will be able to store more oxygen for use during exercise and daily activities.

2. Also, let’s not forget about cardiovascular health. Strengthening your heart will enable your heart to exert oxygenated blood much easier and in higher quantities. In other words, it will be the opposite effect from having clogged arteries. You heart will be able to pump more blood with each of its heart beats.

The reason these two factors are so important is because they both relate directly to fat loss and muscular gains. Your muscles will be more fit and cable to growing and to being used during exercise. Our NJ at home personal training staff advocate healthy and steady muscular gains so that your muscles do not tear upon over-impact.

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