Holding Your Breath During Exercise

A big overlooked topic by many weight trainers is breathing. When the weight gets difficult to handle, many times you tend to hold your breath in order to contract the abdominals and squeeze out an extra repetition. Not only will this not help you, but it can also do more bad than good.

When you hold your breath during an exercise, this limits the amount of oxygen that is going to your brain and that is being circulated. In tern, what this does is it raises your blood pressure.
This can cause you to have a heart attack, believe it or not. Bleeding in the brain and clogged arteries are other effects that can occur. When exercising, get it out of your head that holding breath will increase your muscular gains, aid you in weight loss, or will improve your strength. You can perform irreversible damage to your body as a result. This is why our NJ at home personal trainers advocate controlled breathing during every repetition of every exercise.

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