Healthy Late Night Snacks, Answers To Why You Crave Them!


Healthy snacks must be included in your daily eating habits if you want to stick to a long lasting healthy eating plan. You may not notice it but your healthy eating plan may be jeopardized when it comes to choosing your late night snacks!

You may stay up most nights because of work or because of a good book or even a television show. Whatever the reason may be, staying up late may also mean that you will get a craving for a late night snack once you hear your stomach growling.

Reasons For Late Night Food Cravings

There are many reasons why you may get a food craving in the middle of the night, here are some of them:

-Dehydration is one of the main reasons of late night food cravings and hunger
– It could derive from boredom
– You could be genuinely hungry because of an early dinner
– You suffer from low salt or sugar levels
– Lack of protein in your body

Your hunger needs to be satisfied any way you cut it and a healthy snack is what you should grab instead of unhealthy junk foods.

Choose Healthy Snacks

Try to think about what you should eatinstead of what you want to eat. We all know how guilty junk foods make you feel because of all of the calories we tend to consume while eating them. It may satisfy your craving for the time being, but it will leave you feeling regretful. Late night snacking contributes to weight gain. Junk foods also may prevent you from getting proper sleep.

Since dehydration is one of the main reasons for food cravings, drink a cup of water when you feel hungry. If you are dehydrated then the water will satisfy the hunger you are feeling. Avoid drinking coffee or any beverages that contain caffeine. If drinking water still leaves you hungry, go to the kitchen and prepare yourself some healthy protein filled snacks.

Protein-Rich Late Night Snacks

Choosing protein-rich foods for late night snacks is better for you than foods that have high contents of carbohydrates. Small servings of protein-rich foods will make you feel full longer. Some of the protein-rich snacks you may consider are:

– Nuts
– Egg whites
– Cottage Cheese
– Greek Yogurt (plain)
– Protein Shake
– Celery With All Natural Peanut Butter
– Edamame

One way to be prepared for late food cravings is to set up a small space in your kitchen or refrigerator specifically for late night snacks. You can prepare in advance your healthy snacks during the day so that when your cravings for snacks kick in late at night, it is a sure bet that what you will grab is a healthy snack.

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