Ground Shattering Supersets!

Part two of Supersets Training is all about antagonistic supersets. Synergistic supersets involve the same muscles firing to perform the back-to-back sets whereas ‘antagonistic’ means the opposite muscle will be firing in the movements. Let’s look at an example:

A perfect example would be to perform a set of chest presses followed by a set of rows for your back. For this style of training, like we said before, you have to choose antagonistic muscles. In this example, whenever the chest is contracted the back is then stretched(or expanded). When you perform the set of rows, your back muscles are contracted and the chest muscles are stretched. Do you see the relationship here? The chest and back are inversely related to each other, or in other words ‘antagonistic’.
This can be performed for any mixture of muscles such as bi’s and tri’s, quads and hamstrings, chest and back, etc. Adding this sort of training will get your heart rate up, while leaving your strength in tact! That is the biggest advantage of antagonistic superset training. You can work both muscles, one right after the other without losing strength in the prior movement.

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