Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

Tonight, let’s talk about carbs!

The ever infamous discussion about good carbs vs. bad carbs. Why do whole grain foods get advertised as healthy and candy is advertised as bad? Let’s take a look at brown rice and white rice as the example. Brown rice, in its natural state, comes as a whole wheat, whole grain product. What this means is that when eaten, your body takes longer to digest it. Because it takes your body longer to digest the food product, there is very little to no insulin spike.

Now let’s take white rice. White rice is the bleached and processed version of brown rice. In other words, it has somewhat been broken down already. When white rice is eaten, your body digests it much faster, and because of this there is more of an insulin spike. Get it?

You eat brown rice = your body takes an hour to digest it (for example).
You eat a Snickers = your body takes 20 minutes to digest it.
Factor in the in insulin spike and the fact that your body can’t use that many calories at once, makes you gain body fat.

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