Glycemic Index

Many of our NJ in home clientele have heard this term but don’t necessarily understand what relevance it plays to you. To be as simplistic as possible, a food that is higher on the glycemic index causes more of the food to be stored as fat. Here’s how…

A food that is higher on the glycemic index causes a quick and large rice in your blood sugar. Insulin is then released from your pancreas to regulate the high-sugared carbohydrate we just consumed. Because insulin is a hormone that regulates what our body uses for energy, something very negative happens. It then suppresses fat release out of your cells for energy use. Instead it ONLY uses what it can from the food we just ate.

You then have increased hunger, and you also store more of the food product in your adipose(fat) tissue. This makes you eat more, and then store MORE OF IT in your fat tissue. Get it? Too much sugar consumption = bigger appetite + more fat storage. The solution would be to eat more whole grain foods that are lower on the glycemic index such as brown rice, yams/sweet potatoes, and Ezekiel products.

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