To those that do not know, Glucose is the primary source which our bodies use for energy. Glucose comes from eaten carbohydrates, which are broken down then stored for use. Glucose is first stored inside your muscles in the form called glycogen. The second place it is stored in as glycogen is in the liver for backup, or later use. Any extra carbohydrates that are consumed are stored in adipose tissue as fat.

The reason it’s important to eat whole foods as for your carbohydrates is because it takes them longer to break down. Therefore there is a lesser insulin spike. It is important to know that when there is an insulin spike due to too many carbohydrates, insulin STOPS your body from using fat for energy. Our NJ in home personal trainers advocate well balanced whole food and whole grain eating to prevent this insulin spike, while still storing glycogen in your muscles and liver for use. Here’s a good article on insulin and glycemic load:

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