Get Started On December’s Healthy “To Do List”


1. Plan out your entire workout schedule for the month. Look at your calendar and consider holidays, parties, and other times you will not be able to hit the gym and find make-up sessions for that day.

2. Make a Fit Wish List: Are your family and friends asking what you want for the holidays? Give them a fit wish list that contains ideas such as personal trainer sessions, yoga passes, sneakers, workout clothes, workout dvd’s, gym membership, etc.

3. Stock Up on Healthy Foods: Always have healthy meals and snacks in the house so you are not tempted to reach for cookies, candy or other treats sitting around the house.

4. Get Motivated Mentally: Do not give up and tell yourself you will start a workout and diet program after the holidays. Avoid the too tired, busy, stressed excuses and get moving by motivating yourself! Picture the little black dress for New Year’s Eve and how much better you will feel working out consistently. Find a friend or co-worker and make them your fitness buddy for the month. Plan workouts and commit to each other to meet at the gym.

5. Give The Gift of Fitness: Decide what healthy and fit gift ideas you can get for family and friends. Some ideas include massage, personal trainer sessions, workout clothes, active video games, fitness dvd’s . For kids you can get a soccer ball, basketball, baseball/ glove, twister, and anything that makes them move.

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