Get Back After A Setback!!


Before we get started, know that it’s normal to encounter both victories and setbacks on the road to fitness.

As you continue with a fitness routine, you might find it challenging to keep up your motivation. Sometimes the benefits of exercise aren’t readily apparent when you’re reluctant to get out of bed in the morning, or itching to go home after work. But the benefits of moving more are just as real now as when you began your fitness journey!

Don’t fret if you miss a few days in your routine or don’t hit your goals as quickly as you expected. Being able to get back on track is a sure sign that physical activity has become a long-term habit!

If you’ve fallen out of step, lace your shoes back up this week and get moving! Get motivated by thinking about your fitness victories and remind yourself that this was only a temporary setback. Place a note on your alarm clock, dashboard, or desk; wherever you are when you’re most tempted to skip your workout. Use it to focus on your goals and stay committed!

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