Functional Training

This is probably one of the fastest growing forms of fitness out there. Not only does it go hand in hand with weight loss, but it prepares us for everyday activities. How many of you have heard of someone that goes to get out of bed and hurts themselves? Or maybe goes to bend over to grab a box and something goes?

Function training:

1. Functional training is an art form in itself, in that it involves certain tweaks and exercises to get your body moving

in ALL 3 planes of motion! Your exercises will all move in the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes of motion.2. Just about all the exercises you perform have a lot of muscle fiber incorporation from your core. All the movements are multi-joint and stimulate maximum calorie burning.

3. Movements are made to build strength in every day motions; not just for the movement of bench presses for instance. This will help later in life for when you have to pick up that heavy box off the ground.

4. Weight is always moderate and repetitions are usually high in order to get you breathing heavy.

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