Fitness Tips To Survive This Years Fourth Of July!


The Summer is here! One of my favorite seasons of all time. A time for tank tops, bathing suits, Bar-B-Ques, and plenty of reasons to celebrate. You have worked hard all year long for this one season where you can just sit back relax and enjoy yourself. However, you don’t want to let all of your hard work you have accomplished this Winter to get your body in top condition go to waste. Here are some tips to avoid overindulging and still enjoy your Summer and your Summer body.

Drink in moderation. We all love celebrating a long week with a large cocktail, especially when the sun is shining and we are feeling good about life. However, alcohol contains empty calories and when you drink your body burns the calories from alcohol first before it burn fat leading to weight gain.

Don’t drink and eat carbs. Carbs and drinking alcohol are bad combination leading to water retention, stalling fat loss and if done consistently enough can lead to packing on the pounds. If you are going to go drink at happy hour, try and limit it to 2 drinks, skip the bread basket and drink water/club soda in between drinks.

Don’t give up your workouts. Just because you are on vacation or want to go to happy hour don’t skip your workout.Take at least 20 mins out of your day and do a high intensity workout before you hit the beach or happy hour.

Make good decisions at your BBQ. Just because you are at a family BBQ and everyone is stuffing their face with cookies and potato salad doesn’t mean you have to also. Make good choices like grilled vegetables, grilled chicken, lean burgers without the bun, fruit salad and nuts. Enjoy your food but each in moderation and don’t think of it as your last meal.

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