Fitness Tips-Grocery Shopping for Weight Loss!


You’ve probably heard that going grocery shopping on an empty stomach is a bad idea, but I would argue that it is worse to go shopping without an understanding of how to shop!!

You may have heard this before; when shopping for health it is always a good idea to stick to the parameter of the store (regardless of its size). The healthiest, low calorie, unprocessed foods can be found surrounding the center aisles. The deli, butcher, seafoods, vegetables, fruits, dairy and bakery are all that you need to eat a whole-food diet.

Five things to remember when shopping for weight loss.

· Be sure to pick up healthy protein sources. Lean cuts of grass-fed beef, chicken (tenderloins or breast), 99 percent fat-free turkey, or any seafood (fish, scallops, etc.).

· Don’t forget the fruits and veggies. Account for three to five servings (half cup) of veggies and two to three servings of fruit (half cup) per day/per person.

· When eating grains/baked goods such as bread and bagels do your best to stick with whole grains. It is also a great idea to cut your servings sizes down to one slice of bread since grains (double the serving for men) are dense in calories (approx.. 100-150 calories per serving). Brown rice is also a healthy option.

· Dairy foods such as Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are terrific options to supplement your daily protein intake. They also contribute toward your daily calcium nutritional requirements. I recommend low sodium and low sugar varieties when possible.

· Spices, coffee, green tea, and nuts are often found in the center aisles. Discover their locations and rush in and out to grab them.

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