Fitness Frenzy Tips !!


Here are just a few tips to help you with your overall fitness goals ! 🙂

1. When performing specific exercises concentrate on the muscles you are working and make sure your technique is spot on. Doing an exercise 5 times correctly is far better and safer than doing 30 incorrectly.

2.If you are looking to shed weight from your stomach ditch the sit ups. Strip the fat by changing your diet and concentrate on core exercises for your stomach and back this will help strengthen your mid section, burn calories and make you look better. Place more emphasis on good posture with exercises because most of them involves using your core.

3.Try to add more exercise in your daily routine such as take the stairs rather than the lift at work, at lunchtime try to get in to a routine of having a walk, cycle to and from work if you can or on an evening plan 2-3 nights where you do 25-35 minutes exercise. A little bit more energy expended per day over time can make a big difference.

4.Looking to lose weight then cut down on the amount of carbohydrate you are eating. If you look at your daily intake it may not look like a huge amount, but add it up over a week, month and a year you may get a shock eg if you are eating 4 slices of bread a day thats 28 a week, 112 a month and a massive 1,344 a year. Thats before you look at other parts of your diet – be aware!! And remember white bread has no nutritional value so stay away from it!

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