Fish Oil

Besides a multi vitamin, what is the most important vitamin to take? FISH OIL

Did you know that according to the journal “Mayo Clinic Proceedings” fish-oil supplementation will reduce your chances of heart attack or stroke by up to 45%?

It also:

•lowers blood triglyceride levels
•reduces the risk of heart attack
•reduces the risk of dangerous abnormal heart rhythms
•lowers blood pressure
•is a potent anti-inflammatory which helps for ARTHRITIS!

An omega 3 fish oil supplement may also help improve or prevent the following:
•Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
•heart disease

Fish oil also improves mood disorders such as anxiety and depression (even postpartum depression), helps with weight loss, and promotes overall health.

It has also been shown to improve a person’s ability to concentrate and just think clearer in general.

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