Find A Good Multi For Your Personal Training Program

No, not all multi’s are the same! When you include resistance training and cardio into your personal training program, it’s important to remain injury free. Finding a good multi will not only improve your weight loss results, but it will also allow your body to feel more alive and better nutritioned.

Here are a few tips to help you when choosing a good multi:

1) MAKE SURE IT’S A WHOLE FOODS MULTI. Multivitamins made out of whole foods are absorbed and used by the body better. Although non-whole food vitamins do have the nutrients that they claim, your body isn’t able to use most of it. This is because the vitamins are artificial. Additionally, your body must produce certain chemicals just to be able to metabolize those vitamins.

2) READ THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. In the directions section on the multi it tells you how much and when to take the vitamin. Look for it to say “can be taken with or WITHOUT food”. This means that the vitamin was made entirely of a vegetable/fruit blend. No added artificial vitamins.

3) WATCH FOR ARTIFICIAL DYES. You’ve seen the vitamins that come in what seems like a hardened colorful outer shell. These are hardened artificial dyes. Your multi should come in a capsule form, so that you don’t add poison to your body.

Think of it this way. We buy and take multi vitamins because we don’t get enough from our food. We need the vitamins so that our bodies can work more optimally. If your body works right, your personal training program will be that much more improved. The result will be chiseled weight loss results!

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