Fats At Night

What many of you do not know is that having fats at night will greatly help with fat loss. Yesterday, we talked about staying out of a catabolic state as much as possible. Because you are not able to eat for several hours during the night, your body automatically enters that catabolic state. Having a meal consisting of protein and fats at night will keep your body stay anabolic throughout the night for much longer.

Our NJ at home personal training staff advocates having a little fat at night with your protein for one reason: in order to slow the digestion of that protein. This weight loss principle is based off the same science as supplement companies market their “slow digesting” casein products. Let’s talk about a great meal to have an hour or so prior to bed.

Grill up 3-5oz of chicken breast and have that with a fish oil and half a serving of nuts. This sort of meal will provide you with adequate protein mixed with a few grams of good fats. Although nuts do contain carbohydrates, there’s very little in them; especially when compared to the amount of good fats in them.

Keep your body fed, full, and anabolic throughout the night with your food. Mix and match your protein and fat sources, but choose the proper ones.

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