Fat Gain

There’s a very simple yet under-looked principle that comes to fat gain: and that is how the process of fat gain/ fat loss works. There are diets out there – yo yo diets – and weight loss solutions. Many of them do not advocate immediate lifestyle changing. It is; however, one of the most important parts.

The reason immediate acknowledgment to how you look is important because of the way fat cells work. When you put fat on, not only do these cells increase in size but new ones can also be created. Whenever you lose weight, specifically bodyfat, your fat cells shrink in size; however, you NEVER LOSE THOSE CREATED CELLS. This is a very important concept for the average procrastinator that puts off exercise and healthy eating. When you put weight on, it is hard to lose it. It is even HARDER to keep it off at that point. Much like muscle memory, you body will be able to store fat much easier as a result of the increased fat cell count. Our at home personal trainers advocate IMMEDIATE adherence and change for this reason.

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