Fasted Cardio, Does It Truly Burn Fat ??


Can early morning fasted cardio be the best method lose fat fast? To better understand how it could be beneficial, we first need to understand why it works.

Early Morning Fasted Cardio

The idea behind cardio on an empty stomach is that your body will be more likely to use its own fat stores for fuel instead of the food you just ate. Fasted cardio will help you lose more fat during your cardio session, but the reasons behind it are more complex then known.

Does Fasted Cardio Work?

Yes, it does work. It works because:

It helps you to become more efficient at using fat for fuel
Because your hormones and metabolism are all in the perfect alignment for fatty acid mobilization

Fasted Cardio Helps Mobilize Fat

First thing in the morning, after you’ve been fasting all night, your body’s natural hormones have the perfect set up for fat loss. After a good night’s sleep, you’ve got all of the following going on:

Low Insulin Levels – After not eating for the last 10+ hours, your insulin levels are very low. This is good because fat can’t be mobilized when the insulin is high. With low insulin levels, your body is able to release and transport fat to be oxidized.

Low Blood Sugar – Some people might think this is a bad thing, and it can be – if it is dangerously low and ends up effecting your workout performance. However, if it doesn’t, low blood sugar forces your body utilizes fat reserves because there is not enough glucose to power your workout.

Should You Incorporate Fasted Cardio?

Whether you decide to use cardio on an empty stomach will depend on some individual goals and current situation. I recommend fasted cardio to those who have lower to normal body fat percent. Those are the people that are going to see the biggest benefit. If you’re above that body fat level, any amount of cardiovascular training at any time of the day would be best. The most important thing is to make sure you are consistently doing it.

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