Fall Harvest at It’s Finest!


It is always best to eat food that are in season.
This weekend try to find a local farmers market and pick up these vegetables.

Beets- are in season in temperate climates fall through spring. Beets are great for detoxing the liver and blood. Try roasting some in the oven with a little garlic and olive oil.

Artichokes- produce a second crop in the fall and is a great vegetable to roast in the oven.

Cabbage- is harvested in the cooler weather and is great for making up a cabbage soup.

Cauliflower – can be found year round but by nature is a cool weather crop. Try using it for cauliflower pizza! Yum

Kale – is great in a green smoothie or try using it to make kale chips. Just cut the kale into squares, bake in the over until they become crispy.

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