Exercise and Sleep

Did you know that when you exercise, you don’t require as much sleep? It is said that the average person requires 6-8 hours of sleep per night. However, do most of us have enough time to sleep that much? Some of our NJ in home training clientele get just the bare minimum of 6.

When you exercise, you release a chemical know as endorphin. This chemical is your ‘happy-pleasure’ chemical which is also released during sexual activity, excitement, and pain. Releasing this chemical also helps you in relieving stress. In this positive-edged state, you require less sleep. Let’s say you normally need 8 hours to feel normal. Now that you have been exercising for some time now, you sleep 7-7.5 hours and you’re ready to roll! Seems like a good trade…exercise an hour a day and require up to an hour of less sleep. Feel good, look great: it’s what our fat loss professionals advocate.

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