Excuses In Your Personal Training Program

We all know we make them…we all know we hate them but these darn excuses we make prevent us from achieving our weight loss goals. And IT’S OKAY that they come out – it’s only human nature – however, let’s take a look at how we can overcome these overbearing roadblocks in our personal training programs.

1) Problem: “I don’t want to work out today”.

    Solution:Go! Just go easy for today and maybe even do a simple workout instead of your full body or leg routine. Changing what you are supposed to do today will help encourage you to go!

2) Problem: “I want to start exercising but I have so much going on right now. I’ll wait til next month”

    Solution: Just take a quick peak at what you can do start exercising. Looking online requires no physical effort. Maybe you’ll find a local personal trainer that will help you. Or, there’s a local gym near you that has a discounted joining option right now.

3) Problem: “I can’t afford it”

     Solution: This one is a tough cookie, but remember that there are options out there for everyone. Remember that there are gyms and personal trainers that charge on the low end, high end, and everything in between.

The worst decision you can make is to put off exercise and your health. Think about it..you don’t get a second chance in life to look and feel the way you want. You can change your habits now, maybe by yourself, or by having a trainer help you. In other case it’s better than not exercising at all. Remember that and do something about it!

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