Excellent Cardio

We’ve talked about doing cardio in the past, but here is another excellent time of day to perform your cardiovascular training: after you do your weights!

When you work out, you see people doing cardio at various times in their workout routines. Some do prior to resistance training, some to it post, and others mix it all together. The reason our in home personal training staff advocate cardio for an extended period of time AFTER YOUR WEIGHT TRAINING is simply to metabolize more FAT for energy. According to ACSM, the first 15-20 minutes of cardiovascular training you perform is just to get yourself to that “fat burning” zone. Until then you are expending your glycogen storages. Which is why after those storages are depleted that you begin using fat for energy.

Performing your resistance training first, depletes those glycogen storages and puts you in that same “fat burning zone”. It really isn’t rocket science… If your body doesn’t have energy from carbohydrates, it’ll turn to fat metabolism for energy. And the best part is that you only need to perform 15-30 minutes of cardiovascular after your resistance training!

For more info on using fat for energy check out:

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