Don’t Enjoy Exercise ?! Neither Did She, Hear Her Story !!


Rebecca, we miss you so much and we hate seeing you go! Whatever you do along your journey always keep fitness in your future, you’ve taught us a lot as well:)!

I first started this journey a bit skeptical. I never enjoyed exercise and found it quite difficult to motivate myself to do any physical activity, especially after a long day at work! Gravity Training Zone had just opened & I was one of their newest clients.

It was January, so I was in the “New Year’s Resolution mindset” (which we know, doesn’t last long). On top of that, I had to sign a six month contract, which seemed like an eternity. From the minute you walk in to Gravity Training Zone, your whole attitude changes. It makes you feel eager and welcome, like you are at home. You’re in a place that is helping YOU reach the goals YOU want to reach, in a way customized to YOU.

It is operated by knowledgeable and patient trainers to help guide YOU throughout the way.Gravity Training Zone, has the most ideal staff members, the perfect combination of tough and warm.You walk in the door and are greeted by Nicolette’s perky attitude as she smiles to say hello. She is encouraging throughout the workout & she’s the last one to cheer you on as you leave (which makes coming back the next day much easier!) Then, there is Max.
Unfortunately, I don’t see him often but every time I see him he never failed to share a compliment with me or offer motivating words throughout the session.

Now, George. Oh, George! He might actually be one of the most patient, understanding & influential men I’ve ever met. Quickly, George became a friend & referred to me as “Princess”. He would listen to my stories & share some of his own. He pushed me, hard, along the way (which I made sure to let him know as I complained after each workout). He never quit on me, which made quitting on myself that much more difficult.The professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to the members of Gravity Training Zone, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets the foundation for a new, healthier lifestyle.

I leave this journey, saddened that I am moving and therefore, my time at Gravity Training Zone is over. I am so thankful for what they have given me; the knowledge, the enthusiasm, the confidence and the drive to make my life so much more successful!


Rebecca Wurman