Do You Want Nice Legs?

So we get a lot of questions about how to really blast the leg area; ESPECIALLY the glutes region. Let’s look at three tips that will help improve leg strength, increase blood flow, and give you that nice, firm butt!


1) Incorporate lunges!

Lunges are a great exercise to work the overall leg area; ESPECIALLY the hamstrings and the glutes. Make sure, make sure, MAKE SURE that you are dropping your back leg to about an inch or so off the ground. This will target the butt and back of the thighs area much more!


2) Switch the order of your legs training!

Remember, blasting quads before hamstrings every time or vise-versa will not magically super grow that body part. In fact, it is better to alternate and start with hamstrings one leg workout and then starting the next one with quadriceps.

3) Do those dreaded squats!

Here’s the truth: Squats are the KING of lower body development! Anyone with a good looking pair of legs and a nice butt perform squats upon squats. Obviously, make sure to maintain proper form and 2) GO LOW ENOUGH! The lower your squats are performed, the more they incorporate your glutes and hamstrings. Try lowering yourself parallel to the floor or a tad lower than that. This will give you maximum leg results and that nice backside!


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