Do You Take Your Vitamin’s?


Start taking a multivitamin, Omega 3 and Vitamin D

Even if we are eating healthy whole foods your body still needs vitamins. Think of it as an insurance policy. Taking a good quality multi vitamin daily can help us to live in optimal health.

Our body can not make Omega 3’s so it is important to supplement with it. We get Omega 3’s from good quality fats like salmon and walnuts. If you don’t eat large amounts of these foods daily you should buy a good quality supplement to take. Omega 3s can help with fat burning, brain health, heart health and have been shown to help your mood.

Vitamin D is very important vitamin, you need this vitamin to absorb calcium for bone health. You also need Vitamin D for many other important body functions. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cancers, heart disease, depression, and weight gain among many other things.

Functional ranges for Vitamin D should be 50-80 mg. Many of us are deficient in this vitamin especially since we have had a long cold winter. Depending on your levels you should supplement accordingly

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