Do You Have Lower Back Pain?

Injuries to the lower back are probably the MOST common. Usually they occur in the lower lumbar region; specifically in the L3 and L4 vertebrae. You can pick something up wrong, or even get out of bed wrong and you end up with an injury. Injuries are never 100% unavoidable. However, especially if it comes to fat loss – there are a few concepts you can incorporate in order to help with preventing the pain.

1. Most importantly, TRAIN YOUR ABS. Many people, in attempting to cheat weight loss of the mid section, buy in to infomercials like the ab-rocker. Instead you should train your abs so that it alleviates pressure off your lower back. Good blog on core training:

2. TRAIN YOUR LOWER BACK. Here’s a short blog on lower back training:

3. WARM UP before your resistance training workout. Warming up will help increase blood flow to the body and will thus make your joints and muscles ready for vigorous weight training.

4. LEAVE SURGERY FOR LAST. You may be reading this thinking, “My lower back is shot. I can’t bend over without pain!” You may be right about all of that; however, surgery is not the immediate answer. Once you get operated on, there is no going back. Misalignments can be fixed much easier through chiropractic therapy. If you fit into this last category, and you live in the central NJ area, please visit Dr. D and his team at Mention Gravity Training Solutions for special offers and a consultation.

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