Do this workout, eat these foods, burn MORE fat

Four days ago, I told you about my Skinny Jeans Challenge that starts October 1st.

Well, the response to my first message has been great! 8 of the 15 spots have already been filled with eager waist-trimming challengers.

I have more information for those of you who want to join this fun and life changing 6 week challenge.

The Skinny Jeans Challenge is a 6 week program specifically designed for you to fit into a thinner, slimmer pair of jeans. The best results will come if you attend 3-5 bootcamp workouts per week.

The more you come, the more we can do with you. It’s all about the results.

Since it’s large scale personal training, everyone will participate at their own level so it doesn’t matter what shape you’re in… you’re going to get amazing results during these 6 weeks.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • 1) You will be bringing me your ‘unfittable’ pair of jeans Wednesday Oct 1st.
  • 2) You will have access to unlimited bootcamp training.
  • 3) Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition is what makes you lose fat. You will have personalized weekly corrected GTZ nutrition notebook.
  • 4) We’re cutting the cost for first-time, non members from our regular price of $387 to $99 for this special 6 week nutrition and exercise program.
  • 5) You CANNOT weigh yourself for the duration of the challenge.
  • 6) We will all meet to go over the Skinny Jeans Challenge on Oct 1st 8:30-9pm (make sure you don’t miss this quick & informational ½ hour!)

The winner −he or she who drops the most amount of JEAN SIZES − wins the $400 shopping spree to wherever you choose.

Not too bad of a deal for dropping some extra pounds 🙂

The Skinny Jeans Challenge will also have a very special 1:1 Training option to all challengers. You’ll find out more on October 1st only if you have already been successfully registered.

We want to get everyone aboard to for this 6 week funfest as soon as possible. So here is what you need to do to get in on the action.

Go to this special webpage I have set up, and register there.

– George

PS: Remember, we’re not always able to pick up the phone to register you. If you’re looking to get in on the challenge and fill one of the remaining 7 spots, it is best to register online here:

Skinny Jeans Boot Camp Challenge in  Colts Neck's Personal training gym Header