If you look nowadays, all TV commercials and ads advertise dieting. Here’s an actual statistic: 95% OF ALL DIETS FAIL IN THE LONG RUN!!! In other words, even if you change the way you eat for a matter of months, then stop…you will revert back to how you looked. It is how your body is made. The only solution is a lifestyle change. Changing your eating habits while still enjoying your life and food itself.

Just to add some motivation to today’s blog… you do not have to change everything at once. Just remember that every bit will help. An example would be replacing soda with water and carrying that out for a period of 3 months, then taking it up a notch. The next notch can be eliminating carbs after 6pm or adding protein to your diet, etc. Rome wasn’t built over night, and you cannot lose weight in a few weeks. As Americans, we want results quick and easy. The truth is that you can only lose 1-2 of bodyfat per week. So where do those “lose 10lb in 10 days” fit in? They are and always will be there to take your money, make you feel temporarily better; only to leave you where you started.

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