December 2014 Beast of the month

If you don’t already know, every month Gravity Training Zone reviews one of our earning members as Beast Of The Month.


There’s nothing more rewarding than being praised for your commitment to your own fitness program; for achieving goals you have set out for yourself.


However, I also give a “Beast of the Month” shirt and the perk of selecting the workout station to play when you come in to train.


This month we want to give big congratulations to Vivek Daftary on earning December 2014 BEAST OF THE MONTH!!!

Vivek is a matawan bootcamp and personal training client at GTZ gym

Vivek’s fitness story is one that has taken quite the while to cultivate. He had started training with his Groupon, exactly one year ago Jan 15, 2014. Can’t believe it’s been 12 months.



Going away with him and a couple other clients to Delaware for New Years allowed me find out a lot more about him. His buddy, Kunal told him that the gym he was going to was pretty good and was also running a $29 Groupon. He decided to try… I mean its only 29 bucks.


After Vivek’s first workout, they had a phone conversation discussing the torture session. Vivek thought it was “okay” and that there were a lot of women. Maybe that’s why some of them call him Brown Sugar lol!


I think it took a little bit of time and a little befriending from our end, but somehow Vivek is still here as a full member, training 5 days a week with us. “It becomes almost like a second home. Somewhere you can be yourself, somewhere you have fun and feel comfortable while you workout”, he told me in the car. Coming from someone that had an “okay workout” 12 months ago, is a HUGE PLUS.


-He trains like an animal, puts forth 100% effort

-He’s one of those people that makes me smile if I have a bad day

-He’s one of the nicest guys around and real terror when it comes to training. Always wants more

-He’d stay after a workout at 9pm to jump on boxes with me when everyone else left (don’t worry, my mom stayed to supervise ;))

-He makes the workout experience for every member awesome because of his contagious attitude and supportive attitude.


Vivek, I’ve seen your body change in the last year and I have seen your performance skyrocket. I look at you and remember the changes I had undergone when I was starting out; it had just taken me much longer. May you always have that killer energy and that monster athleticism you bring with you everyday. I know that fitness has become a piece of your life. I know that you want health and athletic performance. I know that you want energy, and life.


What I don’t know the answer to is who is a bigger beast? You, or your good friend Pat, our November Beast of the month??….


What’s your opinion?…