Cut the Super Bowl Calories


Cut the Super Bowl Calories

Did you know that the average Super Bowl Party can cost you over 1200 calories?!!

Just 5 Hooters wings contain 866 calories and 63 grams of fat….OUCH! SETBACK… Not to mention chips, creamy dips, cheesy sauces, chili and beer.

Who said you have to go big on calories during the game? It will only make you feel bloated, tired, and blah come Monday morning.

Check out 5 tips to keep your waistline and still have fun!

Find Healthy Alternatives: Find recipes that use healthier options of your favorite dishes for wings, dips, and desserts. Choose baked instead of fried options. Choose lean meats for chili and burgers.

BYOS. Bring Your Own Snack to the party. Choose a veggie platter, fruit salad, hummus, green salad, guacamole or bean dip.

Drink Water. Stay hydrated throughout the party by consuming water. Keep alcohol to a minimum and drink water in between each alcoholic drink.

Don’t Go Hungry. Make sure to eat a healthy meal before the party so you are not starving and eat everything in sight.

Get in Your Workout. Make sure to hit the gym or go for a run before the party. You will be feel energized and more likely to stick to healthier eating decisions.

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