Check Out This Beast Who Met Her Fitness Goals!

Maggie beast of the month

Look at Maggie! Our Beast of The Month for the month of June. Maggie has been coming to Gravity Training Zone since January. When Maggie stepped foot in the door she had a few goals in mind: lose 15 pounds, tone up, gain muscle, and lose inches. The reason we chose Maggie as our June BEAST is because Maggie comes 5 days a week and works her butt off when she is here! Not only does she come 5 days a week but she has MET HER FITNESS GOALS!

We always preach to my clients that you can workout as much as you want but it is what you eat and how take care of your body outside of the gym that will make that noticeable difference…perhaps making fitness a lifestyle. Maggie has made fitness her LIFESTYLE and LOVES the way she feels and looks. Awesome job Maggie!!! Congratulations and keep up the great work!!

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