Change Your Weekly Build Of Workouts

“I work out every week and see no results” (Mr. Popular Anonymous)

A big reason behind this is because you may be performing the same workout build week after week, month after month. “I train legs every Wednesday” or “I train back and bi’s together every week” is not the way to go.

Grouping the same exercises every week for your workouts will leave you in that same plateau. Having the muscles you work grouped in different combinations

every few weeks; however, will keep the results coming. A big concept behind our in home personal training is to change your workout patterns and to change which muscles are firing in the exercises for that day.For the individual that works his back and bi’s together every week – switching it up to where you work back and TRI’s together will enable your back muscles to receive a different load on them due to the lack of having fatigued biceps. The story here is to not fall in your own stick-set ways and to change up what you do in your training. Try 3 days on with a day off, try 4 days on with a day off, try grouping different muscles together for your sessions, etc. That way, you’ll see more results come!

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