Change Is The Only Constant

One of the best pieces of advice someone can give you for your personal training routine is for you to constantly change what you do and what you eat for your own individual purpose. In the past couple weeks, our personal trainers talked about different ways as to how you can change up your workout routine. Now let’s take a look at two nutritional aspects for your weight loss goals.

1) Everyone is made differently and therefore we all require different amounts of certain macronutrients. Just because your friend is able to
consume large amounts of fats while still losing weight, you may not be able to. Experimenting with different foods that contain different macronutrients is essential to finding what foods WORK FOR YOU!

2) Just as you your body and your needs change, your nutrition should constantly change as well. Let’s say for a period of 6 months you were eating chicken and fish as your protein sources. You did this because you store fat easily from fattier foods. Well, experimenting 6 months down the road with steak for example may provide you with benefits you haven’t seen before. You then experience more muscle density, and fullness in your appetite. That being said is just an example. Changing certain foods you eat year to year will continue to give you results that you want and desire!

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