A light touch today for those of you who believe that cardio is your solution to getting into shape.

First, did you know that when performing cardio you build little to no muscle? As we talked about before, putting on lean muscle tissue will help with your everyday calorie burning.

Second, most people don’t have a clue as to how they should conduct a proper cardiovascular workout. It’s a lot more than just turning on an elliptical and taking off. Going too light can actually stimulate cortisol release, which will promote body fat gain. Going to fast, will hinder your body’s ability to lose fat during that session.

Here’s the most important fact…your body adapts to cardiovascular workouts much faster than to resistance training. AND as long as you tweak your resistance training workout even slightly, you will continue to see results. Cardiovascular training peaks off very easily. This is why you see more results in the beginning and then it seems to stop.

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