Cardio and Fat Loss

When you are performing cardiovascular training, you should always be in the “fat burning zone”. That is, if you are striving for weight loss. There are a two good tips to maximize fat loss.

1. The first is to calculate your target heart rate and then monitor it on a piece of cardio equipment. A very good, simple formula you can use is:
(220 – your age) x .65. Give or take a few heart beats, that will keep you in your fat burning zone. Lets take a 28 year old as an example.
220-28= 192
192 x .65 = 125.
You should stay in that 120-130 heart beats per second range.

2. The second way is a not as mathematical, but seems to work very well for our in home personal training staff when training New Jersey’s record-breaking clients :). Here’s the trick: you should be able to talk but not sing. Sound crazy? Try it the next time you do cardio.

The reason you should try and stay in your target heart rate zone is two fold. If you go under, you are NOT burning fat. You ARE wasting a good amount of your time. You ARE putting stress on the body without receiving much benefit. If you go over, you start entering you “aerobic zone” where your body starts using more of its stored carbohydrates (glycogen storages) for energy INSTEAD of fat. That is not what you want. Maybe if you were training for a triathlon.

Use cardio to your advantage and DON’T waste your time when you can be getting FASTER RESULTS.

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