Can’t Make It To The Gym ? Work Out at Home !


At Home Workout

When you are crunched for time and can only get a workout out in at home, here’s just a few things you will need!

Dumbbells- if you can only choose 1 weight use a 10lb. You can do plenty of exercises with dumbbells such as squats, lunges, bicep curls, and shoulder presses.

TRX- you can put it around your door or a sturdy pole can do a total body and you don’t’ need much room. You can do multiple exercises on this piece of equipment like push ups and pull ups.

Exercise Bands- take up minimal space and you can do many exercises with your bands.

Towel-use can use as a slide for side lunges or on your feet for some abdominal work.

Jump rope- Jumping rope can be done anywhere and takes up minimal space.

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