Cancer and Exercise

We hear about cancer everywhere nowadays…it’s on the news, in all medical journals, magazines, etc.

This incurable, unfortunate cell plague accounts for the second leading killer in this country next to coronary heart disease.

Did you know that exercise can actually help? Here’s a few facts…

1) Exercise can help maintain healthy cells. There’s plenty of diseases that come from impermeable cell walls, blood cells that attack your own organs, etc. Maintaining healthy cells through exercise will help prevent cancer!

2) Exercise also helps promote a healthy, happy lifestyle! Believe it or not, not all diseases come from the body, many can and do come from the mind. Worsening conditions can arise from a poor outlook on life or the situation at hand.

Exercise can help you and your world more than you can imagine. Even in creating a positive outlook will do you wonders in life. Stay healthy and stay safe this holiday season!