Brand New Workouts

I’m sure you are excited and can’t wait for next month’s brand new workouts. I must say, these workouts are going to push you and make you work harder than you have before. Anyway, I didn’t just email you to share my pumped-up anticipation for the new workouts AND the newly added 6:30 bootcamp on Fridays. There are a couple things that members have been bringing to my attention, and I want you guys to know that we are always working to deliver more to your training experience as best as possible.
#1) George, Herb, and I have been receiving some great feedback about TRX & Kettlebell. I would personally like to assure you that I have listened to your requests and have changed the workout pretty drastically. There will still be timed intervals, however, there will no longer be 15 minute rounds of light weight. Come try a workout and you will see just how much more challenging and fun (for me at least) TRX & Kettlebell is!
That’s not the only change happening November 1st.
#2) George, Herb, and I put our heads together to make a completely different workout, to replace Full Body Circuit. In fact, this workout is so different, we had to give it an entirely new name and make it a members only bootcamp! PERFORMANCE POWER will not only increase your functionality for everyday activities but will also leave you crazy sore afterward!
Last but definitely not least, I have one last free addition to your membership.
#3) Again, due to popular demand, we are adding a Members Only workout of the week. I’m calling it Workout Wednesday for Members. Every Wednesday, we will be making a new workout that will be written on the board for only one week. These workouts will change every week on Wednesdays and only members can do them inside the walls of GTZ. On top of that, you will be encouraged to access the workout every week through Facebook and on our Youtube channel. This way, you know exactly what you’re doing if you are away on vacation or simply come in to perform the Workout Wednesday at your leisure. I know this sounds very awesome for some of the people that get bored doing the same thing for a month. HOWEVER, please understand that there is a method to our madness.
We do not make you repeat the same workouts over and over again for a month just because we are mean ;). When I design my own program, I still repeat it for 4-6 weeks before changing it. You need to do a program for at least 4 weeks before you can master and achieve maximum benefits from it, allowing your body to adjust. This has to do with the theory known as Progressive Overload. We are not making this extra program to replace your regular workout program. What I’m saying is that the workout of the week should not be used every single day when you come in to train. However, if you would like to incorporate it into your planned workout schedule as an extra, go right ahead.
That’s all I got for you this week. Make sure you review the new schedule as workouts and scheduling has changed starting November.
Always committed to bringing you pain,