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Fitness fads come and go, but boot-camp workouts are still among the most popular.

The great thing about bootcamp classes is their constantly changing. So you’re constantly utilizing different muscles and switching things up. Depending on who is teaching the class and their style,  here is what you can generally expect from a bootcamp style fitness class.

What Should I Be Expecting: To get your booty handed to you!! These classes are based off of a circuit of different exercises which can focus on metabolic conditioning, speed/agility training, and plyometrics. Depending on the class you may use dumbbells or resistance bands, but mainly body-weight exercises.

Exercises You May See In A Local Bootcamp Class:

Plyometrics:  Fast, powerful and functional movements. The goal behind plyometric movements are to create a very strong muscle contraction in a short amount of time, followed by a short resting phase to prepare to contract again. In bootcamp classes, exercises are geared to generate an elevated heart rate for the duration of the training sessions with the purpose of burning more calories during the period of your workouts.

*fun fact about plyomoetrics: Exercises such as these can help to improve athletic performance and the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Other Exercises You May See:

-Tire jumps

-Forward Back Box Jumps

-Plyometric Lunges

-Up and Overs


The Basics To Bootcamp Classes: Standard calisthenics that you’ve most likely seen before. These basic exercises can help you benefit from both muscular and cardiovascular fitness. Theses exercises will consist of more reps then you may be used to, especially during a bootcamp class.



-High Knees

-Clean and Press

-Jumping jacks


-Sit ups


-Flutter kicks

Props. Your bootcamp coach will use different props for the bootcamp class, such as dumbbells, resistance bands, an agility ladder, medicine balls, or even platforms.

Intervals and Timed Circuit: There will most likely be different stations set up, you eill rotate through each station during the duration of the class. Along with the rising popularity of Tabata intervals, I’ve noticed that many instructors are using this technique in their classes, so you can also expect to be timed for intervals, like 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeating 8 times for 4 minutes total.

Pros To Why You Should Try Bootcamp Style Classes:

-Variety!! The classes will most likely be different every time or every month, so as I always say: change creates change. Which is what we want!

-Strength and cardio all in one workout! Fitness efficiency at its best.

-Group energy and motivation. There is something so exciting and motivating about taking an intense class in a group setting, it keeps you going even when you want to stop the most!!!

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