This art form of literally ‘building’ and ‘sculpting’ your body has been around since before the days of Arnold. It’s actually taken a turn from strictly being male-based to now having a very popular amount of female bodybuilders.

Building your body:

1. Repetitions tend to remain moderately low for 8-12 repetitions. Obviously for variety and for new muscular stimulation you should always venture into all rep ranges, but this is the general layout.

2. Movement
s aren’t done in order to get the weight from point A to point B. They are done slowly (especially on the eccentric), are always in full range of motion, and with moderate-heavy weight.

3. Squeezing the muscle at the end of the concentric part of the movement is VERY BENEFICIAL as our NJ in home personal trainers advocate. This small tweak will get more blood flowing into your muscles and will allow for maximum muscle growth.

4. Slacking muscles are usually worked first in order to build symmetry. This is important to do in order to avoid injury and maintain healthy weight loss as well.

5. Diet is very strict in order to maintain a low body fat percentage and a high muscular growth.

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